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Book Excerpt Chapter 21: Money Mindset

Have you ever won a prize and felt that surge of adrenalin? This is your biochemical response to a money surprise. Did you know that you can bring more money into your life by recreating this sensation? Since we attract what we are versus what we want, we simply need to “be” those things.

Do you worry about money? Do you wake up in the morning stressing about money and fall asleep at night worrying some more? This is just the worst feeling ever!

Instead, try thinking like someone wealthy. Feeling it. Acting like it. What would a wealthy person be thinking? Acting? Believing? Feeling? What does a wealthy person’s day look like? If you had a million dollars extra in your bank account, what would you do? How would you feel? What would you think? This is the “acting as if” part. Yes, it’s a form of imagination and pretending. But remember: your brain doesn’t know the difference. It takes everything literally.

Here’s a fun exercise I use with my coaching clients. I hand them an envelope and have them imagine $500 in it. I tell them they must spend this money on themselves within the next two days or it disappears. They can’t pay bills with it and they can’t give it away.

What would you do with your $500? Maybe you would go shopping. Perhaps you would treat yourself to a spa day. Maybe you go to a fancy restaurant.

The point of this exercise is to get into the feeling of unexpected, extra money. This playful moment in your mind will start manifesting more money!

Here’s an indicator of how you’re feeling about money. What are your thoughts when you’re checking your checking account balance? How are you


Inspiring True Stories From Graduates of Radiant Coaches Academy

That’s some advice a young writer received from her literary agent. Maybe it sounds too simple but there’s truth here. Acclaimed Coach and Master Trainer, Dez Stephens, offers this collection to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Radiant Coaches Academy. The authors are students she has trained over the years. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and circumstances. Each of the 28 storytellers offers their unique and inspiring path toward hope. Perhaps you will find yourself nodding

your head, saying to yourself, “I know exactly what they mean!” Even better: One or more stories may be the catalyst that draws you closer to a critical tipping point—one that leads to a more radiant life!

Book no.1
Book no.2

Your Radiant Life is not meant to offer a blueprint or map. Instead, it is hoped you will find a sense of community that may accompany you along your own magnificent journey.

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